Batman – Dark Knight Rises Teaser Trailer

20 Jul

The new Batman -Dark Knight Rises trailer is here, what do you think ?


Movie Logo Quiz

13 Jul

OK, so throughout history there has been some amazing films and TV shows that have captured the imaginations of millions and given us some of the most iconic logos and imagery that will forever remain within the pop-culture collective memory.

Then there are just those that wont go away, logos from famous movies that were only shown for an instance but for some reason best known to someone else have adorned the t-shirts of fanboys years later !

Below is a collection of these logos, this is in my humble opinion one of the most difficult quizzes I’ve put together.

If you can name the TV or movie they have appeared in without cheating then kudos to you as I cant !

See how many you can answer below and in a week or so I’ll post the answers !


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Batman: The Dark Knight Rises Teaser Poster Arrives

12 Jul

I’ve always liked the artwork used for the Batman movies.

And I’m starting to see a theme here !

What do you think ?

The Dark Knight Rises

The Dark Knight

Batman Begins

Thor – Review

23 May

OK … So …. Saw Thor last night, with 2 people who categorically do not like comic book movies.

And although I didn’t feel that embarrassed that I’d dragged my friends to a comic book movie that wasn’t on a par with The Dark Knight or Iron Man, there was still a few issue I had with the story “What there was of one” and the general ethos of the movie.

There maybe spoilers here, so don’t read any more if you want to go into this movie blind !
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Comics That Have Become Movies

31 Mar

OK, So I have a passing liking for comics (Ahem Graphic Novels), So I thought it would be fun to list all of the characters that I can think off that have been turned into movies … now I say characters as there are obviously franchises out there and to be honest I cant be arsed listing them all, for example Superman 1,2,3 .. 47 etc.

Add any more you can think off in the comments…

Not to mention ones coming soon:-

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Trailers that lied to me !!!

17 Mar

Now everyone knows that some trailers show you all the best bits of a movie before you go an see it … That’s annoying.

However what I find even more annoying are trailers that lie about the very type of movie your seeing.

So lets say your going along expecting to see a movie filled with tension and suspense, but what your greeted with is a soppy rom-com …. your gonna be annoyed.

So here’s my list of trailers where the trailer is actually better than the movie.

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