Comics That Have Become Movies

31 Mar

OK, So I have a passing liking for comics (Ahem Graphic Novels), So I thought it would be fun to list all of the characters that I can think off that have been turned into movies … now I say characters as there are obviously franchises out there and to be honest I cant be arsed listing them all, for example Superman 1,2,3 .. 47 etc.

Add any more you can think off in the comments…

Not to mention ones coming soon:-

30 Days of Night

This was a cool movie, It captured the feel of the comic well, the sense of danger and forboding intensifys throught the film.

It isnt too gory either, using a mixture of white and red as its pallet. Plus it has MUSE in the trailer which adds visual style of the trailer and movie.


This is Sparta indeed, the visual style by Zak Snyder simiar to sin city adds to the effect of the movie, its also kinda gorry but in a black humour way.

Another classic !

Alien vs. Predator

Oh what a pity, this film has been in the works since the alien skull was seen in Predator 2 (Another Classic).

Unfortunately it was decided by the powers that be that this movie should be a PG 13 and there you have the problem.

American Splendor

Not going to lie to you, I’ve not seen it yet. But its on my list.

Barb Wire

Pamela Anderson in Leather ……….. again Pamela Anderson in Leather. That should have been the strap line as there wasn’t really any story here.

So if you like Pamela Anderson (I dont!) give it a go, if not, steer well clear !


OK, So everyone has there favourite batman, from the Michael Keaton / Jack Nicholson Batman directed by madman Tim Burton to the more recent and what I like to call more realistic (We’ll as realistic as a super-hero movie can be!) Garry Oldman / Christian Bale Batman Begins.

I personally like the new ones, they cemented the phrase “I’m Batman” into today’s pop Culture (See Big Bang Theory) although I’m not convinced he actually says it. Plus it gave us Michael “Your only meant to blow the bloody doors off” Cain as Alfred.

Genius !


I think im the only person I know who thought the first Blade movie was the best in the trilogy.
The second blade movie was like an extended music video, and it lost the sense of danger Vampires posed to the main characters unlike the first movie.

Bulletproof Monk

Basically imagine Stiffler from American pie with martial arts skills learned from watching kung-fu movies …….. there you go then !

Captain America

OK, never been a big fan of Captain America, just because I cant see how that character would operate in today’s society, so this movie will either be really bad, or really good.

But seeing as it hasn’t been released yet only time will tell, but the trailer does look impressive. Plus it was shotn in Manchester !!!


Bad, Bad, Bad ……. That’s it !


I really liked this movie, its a pity their not making more of them, they changed the character from a Liverpool based Sting look a like to well …. Keanu Reeves in some unknown American city …… But OK I can live with that.

Bottom line there is a war between angels and demons on earth, and if you commit suicide you go to hell.

So Constantine commits suicide when he was younger because he kept seeing angels and demons which lets be honest would put a downer on anyone’s day.

So now he’s damned so he’s trying to buy his way back into heaven by sending back as many demons as he can to hell.

Oh and he only has a limited amount of time to do this as he’s dying from cancer.

The Crow

The untimely death of Brandon Lee and the multiple conspiracy theory’s around the production gave this film a cult following during the 90’s.

The film still stands up today with dark atmosphere, and a killer sound track.

Most student dorm’s are not complete without a train spotting and Crow poster hung up !


All I can say is watch the directors cut version! much better ! The problem with Daredevil was the effects were a little unbelievable with the jumping hundreds of feet.

The film missed out on the whole religious connotations. It could have been a lot more like batman begins!


Uuuugh, ok Jennifer (Big Chin) Garner in leather …… I’m Done !

Fantastic Four

OK I was VERY disappointed by the film, it falls under the category of Trailers That Lied To Me too.

It was just too comic bookey compared to X-Men.

From Hell

This is where Johnny Depp got his English accent training before Sweeney Todd.

Ghost World

Never saw it !

Ghost Rider

Ghost Rider is a pretty nondescript comic book movie, it could have been dark with occult undertones such as Constantine, but in the end they went with a guy on a bike with a flaming skull ?!

The Sequel is supposed to be a lot better, but lets wait and see !

Green Lantern


I thought Hellboy was much better than it was supposed to be, with Nazi’s and the Occult themes running rampant through the film.

A History of Violence

Yes, this was based on a comic book! Who knew?

Howard The Duck

OK I’m going to confess this is a guilty pleasure of mine, from when I was a kid.

At the time George Lucas who produced it wrote it off as rubbish and tried to distance himself from it as best he could.


After a string of attempts they still haven’t quite cracked this one have they ?

Iron Man

Jonah Hex

Josie And The Pussycats

Judge Dredd

Kick Ass

The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen

The Losers


The Mask

The Men in Black

Mystery Men



Red Sonja

Richie Rich

Road to Perdition

The Rocketeer

Scott Pilgrim vs. the World

Sin City



The Spirit




Swamp Thing

Tank Girl

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles


V for Vendetta




Weird Science





Cowboys & Aliens


Well there it is !

I’ll add more reviews to this post as I go along !


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