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The Death & Return of Superman !

1 Mar


I normally wouldn’t share stuff like this, however try and see how many famous people you can spot !

I counted 3:- Simon Peg, Elijah Wood And Mandy Moor!


I do not endorse Mandy Moor, or even know who she is …. Other than from Scrubs ?


The Dark Knight Rises trailer is here !

23 Dec

The Dark Knight trailer has arrived !

What do you think ?

Green Lantern – Review

17 Nov

Ok where to begin! We watched this about 6 months ago but I haven’t had the heart to review it till now.

I had such high hopes for Green Lantern ! We all new there were issues but with the release of the cool trailer that invariably showed the best bits (see below) there was hope.

Alas they were all dashed.

There maybe spoilers here, so don’t read any more if you want to go into this movie blind !
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Comic Book Movies By The Numbers !

31 Oct

Hey All.

Found this and thought its interesting, although slightly out of date but still fun !

Batman – Dark Knight Rises Teaser Trailer

20 Jul

The new Batman -Dark Knight Rises trailer is here, what do you think ?

Batman: The Dark Knight Rises Teaser Poster Arrives

12 Jul

I’ve always liked the artwork used for the Batman movies.

And I’m starting to see a theme here !

What do you think ?

The Dark Knight Rises

The Dark Knight

Batman Begins

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