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The Avengers – New Trailer

7 Feb

And the Avengers too !

Amazing Spiderman – New Trailer !

7 Feb


New trailer for the amazing Spider-man has just popped up !

Looks good.

All New Ghost Rider and Avengers Trailers !

14 Nov

2012 is shaping up to be another year of the Comic book Move, with at least 3 big block buster movies coming out.

Obviously as a Marvel fan I’m very excited at how the Avengers will turn out, but judging by this trailer I shouldn’t be too disappointed.

The Avengers

Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengence

Now I didn’t mind the first Ghost rider, the only problem I found with the first offering is that the movie was not what was promised!

Seeing as Ghost Rider is from the Marvel knights Collection and falls within the remit of say “Blade”, people were hoping for a darker movie with connotations of the Occult. what was delivered was your A-Typical comic book movie with stereotypical, harmless villains that lacked depth and any sense of danger.

Lets hope they do better this time.


Comic Book Movies By The Numbers !

31 Oct

Hey All.

Found this and thought its interesting, although slightly out of date but still fun !

The new Amazing Spiderman Teaser Trailer

21 Jul

And today we have the new Amazing Spiderman teaser trailer.

I’m digging the darker more serious approach to the franchise, plus it looks like they have a richer back story incorporating Peter Parker’s parents (Or an explanation at least).

Obviously the CGI needs a tad more work in my humble opinion but there you go !

Thor – Review

23 May

OK … So …. Saw Thor last night, with 2 people who categorically do not like comic book movies.

And although I didn’t feel that embarrassed that I’d dragged my friends to a comic book movie that wasn’t on a par with The Dark Knight or Iron Man, there was still a few issue I had with the story “What there was of one” and the general ethos of the movie.

There maybe spoilers here, so don’t read any more if you want to go into this movie blind !
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