Thor – Review

23 May

OK … So …. Saw Thor last night, with 2 people who categorically do not like comic book movies.

And although I didn’t feel that embarrassed that I’d dragged my friends to a comic book movie that wasn’t on a par with The Dark Knight or Iron Man, there was still a few issue I had with the story “What there was of one” and the general ethos of the movie.

There maybe spoilers here, so don’t read any more if you want to go into this movie blind !


Thor opens with an introduction of the Asguardians, an inter-dimensional alien race that were worshipped as Gods by the Norsemen.

In the past (965 AD) the Norsemen were attacked by another race called the Frost Giants, at which point the Asguardians stepped in led by there king Odin and defeated the frost giants taking the source of their power “The Casket of Ancient Winters”.

Skip to present day and Odin is about to name his first born son Thor as his successor to the throne, when some frost giants break into Odin’s safe to steal the casket back. The are defeated by the destroyer a suit of armour that fires projectiles from its helmet. On investigation Thor and Loki (Thor’s conniving brother) discover that frost giants have are responsible and disobeying Odin’s orders travel to the Ice Giants world to confront them with some of Thor’s allies (The warriors three).

A battle ensues where Thor, Loki and the Warriors Three are out numbered, and injured.

They are retreating when Odin appears to save the day, back in Asguard Odin realises that Thor is not ready to lead, as he is arrogant, reckless and threatens the peace he has built with the Ice Giants.

Odin decided to strip Thor of his power and banish him to earth (Along with his powerful weapon Mjolnir) so he can learn humility (Much to Thor’s Dismay).

On earth Physicists Jane Foster, Erik Selvig and their assistant Darcy Lewis (The comic relief) are tracking a strange atmospheric phenomenon Jane has been researching when Thor Lands in the centre of it.

What ensues is Thor’s learning of humility, patience and compassion whilst trying to make his way in modern day earth.

Back on Asguard Odin slips into a coma (Odin’s Sleep, Which is never really explained) and with Thor banished, Loki steps into power.

On earth Thor learns his Weapon “Mjolnir” is also on earth and “SHIELD” is studying it in the new Mexico desert.

In short, he goes to get it, fights through lots of SHIELD agents and in the end cant pick up the weapon as Odin has cursed it so that only someone who is worthy can wield it (Which Thor isn’t … err yet).

So Thor resides himself with living amongst humans while in the space of 20 mins (blink and you’ll miss it) falls for Jane Foster and gets her to fall for him.

Back on Asguard,The Warriors Three think something is fishy with Thor still being banished to earth after Loki has become king so decide to go get him.

Sensing if Thor came back it might be a bit of an issue for him, Loki sends The Destroyer to kill Thor and the Warriors Three.

The Destroyer appears and a big fight ensues, when Thor is nearly killed by protecting the people who have helped him on earth his weapon “Mjolnir” decides he’s learnt his lesson and transforms him back into a God.

Thor destroys err “The Destroyer”. (see what I did there!) and travels back to Asguard to defeat his brother Loki, He does, Odin wakes up, but in the process the bridge to earth is destroyed and Loki falls off the edge of the Asguard world.

That’s basically it.

What worked.

OK Kenneth Branagh is a Shakespearean Actor and Director so all the scenes on Asguard work well. Its not quite on a level of say Lord of the Rings, but the way they talk along with the character development and the set design is believable in that environment.

There are little in jokes that work along with tying this franchise into the Iron Man and eventually the Avengers movie… It actually feels like it was filmed in the same way.

The Action sequences (The ones there are) work well but the ones in the Asguardian realms work better.

What didn’t work.

There are quite a few things that didn’t work for me, The Warriors Three don’t work on earth!

It just feels silly and no amount of suspension of disbelief makes me not cringe when they meet up with Thor on Earth.

Also the romance between Thor and Jane Foster is extremely rushed, this could be due to the time constraints of the movie (Or Jane Foster is just a floozy), but still I think this character development could have been done better.

And lastly there was no cool scene in this movie, every bloke will tell you in Iron Man they loved the bit where he put on the armour for the first time but in Thor there isn’t really a scene that gets your blood pumping.

3D – What 3D ? There wasn’t that much, if any in this movie, except for the end credits!


OK so Thor is no Dark Knight or Iron-man, it’s just not serious enough. There’s no real sense of danger in it.

But it is fun and it could have been a lot worse, the Asguardian scenes work, and seeing Thor’s character and Loki’s for that matter, develop is interesting.

I would watch this again, but I am a comic book geek!

If your not a comic book geek this is the sort of film to watch on Sunday afternoon whilst recovering from a hangover.

To be honest I think that Thor, as a character will improve with the Avengers movie, or so I hope!

Rating – 7/10.

Thor Poster


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