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Comics That Have Become Movies

31 Mar

OK, So I have a passing liking for comics (Ahem Graphic Novels), So I thought it would be fun to list all of the characters that I can think off that have been turned into movies … now I say characters as there are obviously franchises out there and to be honest I cant be arsed listing them all, for example Superman 1,2,3 .. 47 etc.

Add any more you can think off in the comments…

Not to mention ones coming soon:-

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Trailers that lied to me !!!

17 Mar

Now everyone knows that some trailers show you all the best bits of a movie before you go an see it … That’s annoying.

However what I find even more annoying are trailers that lie about the very type of movie your seeing.

So lets say your going along expecting to see a movie filled with tension and suspense, but what your greeted with is a soppy rom-com …. your gonna be annoyed.

So here’s my list of trailers where the trailer is actually better than the movie.

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