Trailers that lied to me !!!

17 Mar

Now everyone knows that some trailers show you all the best bits of a movie before you go an see it … That’s annoying.

However what I find even more annoying are trailers that lie about the very type of movie your seeing.

So lets say your going along expecting to see a movie filled with tension and suspense, but what your greeted with is a soppy rom-com …. your gonna be annoyed.

So here’s my list of trailers where the trailer is actually better than the movie.


Knight and Day

OK so the Knight and day trailer looked pretty good, it had a MUSE song in there which gave the impression it was going to be a serious story with a bit of humour thrown in for good measure, think Bond meets Mission Impossible.

The problem is it wasn’t all that good, the characters weren’t well rounded enough for me to give a crap what happens to them.

Plus Cameron Diaz becomes a crack shot, and a pro spy in about a week ….. I know the suspension of disbelief is required in some films but even I have my limits …


This is the one that I was most upset about, the daybreakers trailer was released something like a year before the film hit, I’m not going to lie to you I was excited, the idea of a film with this much tension, about how society is turned on its head when a world wide disease takes hold (OK Vampirism is a bit much but still).

Imagine how upset I was to see a cheap vampire thriller with a silly plot hole that a 10 year old could poke a stick at … Booo !

The Tourist

OK So the trailer, makes you think  clever thriller, with some comedy thrown into the mix, also MUSE is used again (Can you see a theme here?).

However it was slow, and saying Jonny Depp and Angelina Jolie in the same film = winner obviously isn’t the case.


OK I love the original … although if you ask other people my age do you remember Tron, they’ll probably say what ?

Ask them about the Last Star Fighter (these 2 films were the first to use CGI in the 80’s) and they’ll probably just walk out … Anyways the teaser trailer used to get the film made was amazing, the film wasn’t all that bad either, it was just the story or lack there off.


Excited = Yes, however the film left something to be desired, call it excitement, call it a storyline, I don’t know, I just know I wasn’t impressed!

Fantastic Four

OK, so I loved this trailer when It came out ! It was exciting, cool and the music gave it an adult feel …. Unfortunately the film was so comic-booky that I could never look at this franchise in the same way again … 😦


OK, to conclude, err I don’t have a conclusion but I will add more later.


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